With high knowledge depth, we have designed air receiver tanks that are main part of compressing unit. We are tagged as chief manufacturer and exporter of air receiver tank with high capacity. For the efficiency of the unit, air receiver tank must be very strong.

Air receiver tanks are used to store compressed air in compression unit. It stores pressurized air. To withstand with such high pressure, tank must be made up of strong and robust materials. It is also called pressure vessel. We possess highly advanced production unit that allow us to fabricate such tank with standard and customized series of air Compressors.

Air receiver

Our air receiver tanks are available with varied capacity from 30 ltrs to 5000 ltrs. It is available with 80 PSIG (10.5 Kg/cm2g) to 1000 PSIG (70.3 Kg/cm2g). it maintain equal pressure in belonging air compressor system.

According to pressure required for the operation, selection of the tank is done. It is used for varied pressure, low pressure and high pressure.

Our air receiver tanks are available in to two different types

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
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