We are considered as one of the major air compressor manufacturers, two stage air compressor. We are well known supplier of Air Compressors, 2 stage air compressor, and vast range of compressor spares parts. Our product used in so many equipments and machineries.

Two stage compressors are generally used to provide output of air pressure up to 175 PSIG ( 12.3 Kg/cm2). They are efficiently used as a complete air system for small installation. For the big industrial installation, it can be used as support system.


Two stage compressors contain 2 cylinders. It has low pressure cylinder and high pressure cylinder. Inlet delivery valves are used to pass through the air from atmosphere to high pressure cylinder by inter cooler systems. Then air is subject to compress. There is a discharge valve that releases the compressed air to air receiver tank.

Total two stage cycle is completed in one revolution of the crankshaft. We have developed different models as per suitable applications. Different models contain varied capacity of motors. It possess big spectrum of applications.

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