We are regarded as major manufacturer and exporter of two stage vacuum pumps of high quality. It is specially designed to offer vacuum up to 750 mm of Hg. It is efficiently used in so many industrial applications.

Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pump is used in many machines and devices. It is used in cooling systems to remove air from the filter. It is also used in the instruments for lift, move, rotate or stimulate. It is also used in devices that clean and simulate. a variety of agitators need vacuum function. Various equipment for holding, filtration and dehydrating are also required vacuum pumps for their functions. Considering all requirements of different industrial sectors, we have developed series of premium quality vacuum pumps.

Two stage dry vacuum pump

Our series of two stage vacuum pumps are fabricated from the high-grade material using qualitative spares. We follow international norms and conditions for the manufacturing of the two stage vacuum pumps. It is mostly used in the industries like ceramic, paper handling and laminating plants, various processing plants and varied production plants for plastics, chemicals, dyes and many more. it is also used in dairy industries, hospitals, and laboratories.

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